ColorCard Customer Agreement

This Agreement, hereinafter – the “Agreement”, has been entered by and between ColorPalettes website with the Internet address –, hereinafter – the “Portal” or the “Website”, and the customer of the Portal`s services, hereinafter – the “Customer”, with the following terms of souvenirs purchase on the Website.

1. Main Terms and Conditions

1.1. This Agreement has been entered by and between the Customer and the Website at the moment of proceeding to payment. The Customer confirms the agreement to the conditions of this Agreement by making a note in the appropriate field “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” when proceeding to payment.

1.2. This Agreement and the information about the souvenirs on the Website are the public offer.

1.3. The Customer accepts and agrees that the sets of plastic cards with a picture of color palettes on the ColorPalettes website are souvenirs, not the tools.

1.4. The Customer can be any individual or legal person able to accept and pay for the ordered souvenirs in the procedure and on conditions set forth in the Agreement on the territory of any country in the world.

1.5. The Portal may amend this Agreement.

1.6. This Agreement should be considered in the form published on the Website, and should be interpreted in accordance with the international copyright laws.

1.7. The Customer accepts and agrees that the plastic cards are made of plastic with the help of paints, laminated on both sides that means the usage of CMYK color model that differs from the additive RGB color model (as well as from any print comparing with the brightness and the colors on the screen).

2. Information about the Souvenir

2.1. The Souvenir is presented on the Website through the photo images that are the property of the Portal.

2.2. Each photo is attendant by the text information: the code number (assigned to every Customer as the exclusive owner of the set), the price and souvenir`s description.

2.3. At the Customer`s request the site manager can provide (by email) other information necessary and sufficient for the Customer`s decision of buying the souvenir.

2.4. The price of the souvenir appointed on the Website can be changed unilaterally by the Portal.

3. Purchase procedure

3.1. The Customer can order any souvenir offered on the Website. Every souvenir can be ordered in any amount provided that this souvenir is available on the Portal. The Customer can make the order as follows:

– to write the letter to the Contact Us;

– to order the souvenir on the Website.

3.2. After the checkout process, the manager of the shop sends the e-mail to the Customer for order confirmation.

3.4. The Customer can cancel the order any time before the delivery, informing the Website (at the Contact Us form) about that in advance (but not later than 12 hours before the delivery time).

4. Delivery

4.1. The souvenirs ordered online in the agreed quantity and assortment are delivered by the international air mail as the recommended letter or the parcel.

4.2. The Portal pays for the delivery costs of the souvenirs.

4.3. The ordered souvenir is shipped and delivered by the time agreed with the Customer.

4.4. The fact of the souvenir`s receive by the Customer is the confirmation of the order`s receipt from the international mail.

5. Payment

5.1. The payment can be in any currency available for the conversion by the VISA/MasterCard system.

6. Return

6.1. The Customer can return the souvenir during 14 days after the delivery. The return is available if the souvenir has the savable condition, customer properties, and the document confirms the purchase of this souvenir (paying slip). During this period the Customer has to inform the shop manager in writing.

6.2. The Customer cannot return the souvenir of proper quality that has definite individual properties, if the stated souvenir can be used only by the buying Customer.

6.3. In case of cancellation the order by the Customer, the Portal returns a sum of money paid for a souvenir, minus the amount of the costs of the Portal, associated with the delivery and shipping of the souvenir from the Customer not later than twelve working days from the date of the Customer`s eligibility.

6.4. The souvenir of improper quality can be replaced with a similar souvenir of good quality, or returned to the Portal.

8. Others

8.1. The Portal has the right to widen or shorten the assortment on the Website, regulate the souvenirs purchase access, as well as to pause or cease the sale of any souvenir in its sole discretion.

8.2. The Portal can conduct special sale events.

8.3. In accordance with the Copyright Law, by placing your order, you agree to processing of your personal data by the Portal, without time limitation. You can revoke this agreement by giving the written notice. In that case all your personal data will be deleted, and the processing of your personal data will be stopped during 7 working days from the date we receive the notification.

8.4. The Portal is obliged to follow the confidentiality with the personal data of the Customer, as well as with any Customer`s information known by the Portal due to the implementation of this Agreement, accept when the information:

– is public;

– is disclosed on Customer`s request;

– has to be disclosed on the base of the legislation, or on the requests of court of authorized state bodies;

– is disclosed on the base of the Agreement of the Parties.

8.5. The Portal may amend the Agreement unilaterally by publishing the amendments on the Website, unless otherwise provided in the new version of the Agreement.

8.6. The Agreement is a legally binding contract between the Customer and the Buyer, and has the rules of order procedure on the Website «ColorPalettes».

8.7. This Agreement comes into effect with the issuance of the letter from the Portal with the payment confirmation by the Customer, or with the issuance of the letter of intent to buy the souvenir from the Customer.