Color Palettes Book

Collection of 1000 palettes from ColorPalettes

Dear friends!

We have great news for you!
We have created a book of palettes “ColorPalettes Book” Together with the Japanese publishing house BNN.

Color Palettes Book


1000 our best palettes was collected together in this book by the designer of the publishing house dividing them into 20 beautiful categories by style and color.

This book will become not only a source of inspiration but also a real tool for any designer. The palettes are presented in a format convenient for designers.

Book design

Each category has its own style, colors and shapes. A ton of photos with palettes, as well as sets of palettes without photos.

Color Palettes Book


Each palette is presented in three color schemes – RGB, CMYK, HEX. Thus, you can immediately use the palette in your design.

The layout of the book itself is made in a creative and cozy Japanese style. Almost every page of the book has a unique design. The photos are inserted in different shapes.

Photos of the book

Where to buy

At the moment the book has been released in 3000 copies and is sold only in bookstores in Japan and online stores.

It is possible to order the book on Japanese Amazon through the White Rabbit Express service.

You will need a link to the book and your shipping adress for delivery process from Japan.

Link to book in Japanese Amazon